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Very Glamour Ladies take your payment information and safety as a complete priority, we use an encrypted system to ensure your details are safe and secure. We accept many different types of payment methods including all the main credit and debit cards in the world and we accept PayPal. So where ever you are in the World you can order from us. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use and purchase from our site as there is an option to make payments with nearly all credit or debit cards This is a simple process to keep your time as your own.

Payments are usually received by us instantly and as soon as that happens we are pleased to say we will be printing, preparing and packaging your item. Payment delays may sometimes occur and this is very rare and usually only due to public bank holidays, or if you choose to pay via an echeque. (see below) Here are some frequently asked questions about our payments process.

1. I don't have a paypal account can I still buy from you?

Absolutely! You do not have to have a Paypal acocunt to shop with us you can use nearly any credit or debit card on our website.

2. Is shopping secure on the Very Glamour Ladies Website?

Yes, its completely secure, we use the latest technology to ensure your payments are safe and secur and encrypted. Your payments are processed either via paypal or our encrypted system for complete protection and peace of mind.

3. What is an echeque?

An echeque is where you use a PayPal account to pay for your item but your PayPal balance is zero therefore PayPal will pull the funds from your connected bank account  (If you use a credit or debit card your payment is received instantly) therefore this will happen in approximately 4-7 days. If you choose to use a balance in your PayPal account then we will receive your payment almost instantly. This option is not to be confused with paying with a credit or debit card as if you use a credit or debit card we will receive your payment almost instantly

4. How long does my payment take to process.

Virtually imediately, nowadays payments are processed imediately and our team of dedicated packers are at hand to pack and ship your order the same day it is placed. If you pay via echeque though your payment may be delayed (see above about echeques)

5. I've paid but now I want to cancel my order, can I?

Yes of course, we do ask that this is done before your item is shipped as if not you will have to return the item in order to get a refund, see our refunds section for information on this.

Please note you do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase on our site as we accept all major credit and credit cards.