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Help and FAQ Section

We want you to be completely at ease when shopping on our site and we understand you may have some questions or get a little stuck, there are a selection of questions below for you and if we dont answer your question or you have a suggestions for us to add in contact us or on 0845 459 469 0

1. Is buying from the Very Glamour Ladies website safe and secure?

Absolutely! To make sure your protected we have chosen PayPal the safest method to take all our online payments. When you enter your credit or debit card details, the system is encrypted through a 128-bit SSL certificate and you DO NOT have to have a Paypal account to pay.  You can make one time payments with any major credit or debit card. We will never keep any card numbers on our server and no one at Very Glamour Ladies has access to this data. In addition, we will not provide any of the details you register on our site to any 3rd party unless we're legally required to do so. Under no circumstance will Very Glamour Ladies sell your data to any 3rd party!

2. What are clip-in hair extensions and how do I put them in?

If you’re new to the world of hair extensions then these are perfect for you. Clip-in hair extensions are very easy to place in your own hair and have the added bonus of blending in to your hair to be virtually undetected by everyone around you and to make it easier we'll send you some instructions withy every purchase on how to apply your hair extensions they really do take minutes to put in giving you that instant transformed look.

3. I’d like to wear hair extensions but I’m not sure if my hair is long enough?

In a perfect world your hair would touch your shoulders before you start looking at extensions. But we know many customers who have achieve a perfect look with even shorter hair. If you're not sure if hair extensions are suitable for you why not send us a recent photo? We'll give you an honest opinion if you can make it work

4. I don’t think I can see my hair colour in your selection. What colour should I pick?

For some people choosing hair extensions is very easy. And for others it can be difficult to get an exact match to your own hair. If you are struggling to find the right colour we certainly can help. Just send us a photo of your hair and one of our qualified specialists will recommend the best colour to match – either exactly or by colour that would blend best, although as we all know there are so many shades of people hair so sometimes your hair extensions may need dying for an exact match. Please note Synthetic hair extensions are not suitable for dying.

5. How will you Deliver My Item?

We offer a FREE WORLDWIDE shipping service for orders over £30 and use a very simple system which will depend on the purchase value, the best way to explain our really simple shipping services is to click on the Delivery/Shipping tab at the bottom of the home page. Our system is so smart it tailors the cheapest and fastest shipping options for you based on where you are in the world.

6. Can you gift wrap my item?

At the moment we are not offering a gift wrapping service although your item will be carefully packaged by our team of expert packers. Please note some items come pre-gift wrapped, check each item for details

7. How long will my hair extensions last?

Hair extensions should have an average life of anywhere from 3 to 6 months. A lot of this depends on you caring for them and treating them with the same love and respect you do for your own hair. We have many customers that have used their Hair Extensions for far longer than six months.

8. What is “Remy”?

Remy (also referred to as “remi”) is not a brand but rather a grading system for hair extensions. When purchasing Remy hair you are getting hair that is confirmed as “cuticle correct”. This means that the hair is prepares so that every strand flows in the same downward direction. This is a must for human hair extensions as it means they extensions will flow naturally with your own hair and be far less likely to matt or tangle when worn

9. Can I straighten, curl, cut and wash you human hair extensions?

Yes! Treat then just as you would your own hair. Although you may need to look after synthetic extensions slightly differently

10. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards and can accept payment via our online gateway Sage pay. It is one of the most trusted and secured methods for completing online transactions. Regrettably we cannot accept bank transfers, cheques, postal orders, money orders or cash. Please do not send. We also link to PayPal for the most secure method of payment but you DO NOT need a PayPal account to shop with us

11. How quickly after receiving my payment do you send my order?

Within hours, if not it will be one business day at the latest, customer service is one of our areas we pride ourselves on. If there are any problems at all we will contact you.

12. How should I brush my hair extensions?

When brushing use a soft bristle brush, start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up. Always brush in a downward motion. Do not brush harshly. We sell specialist hair extension brushes and sometimes offer one free with hair extensions.

They are real human hair so treat them as you would your own hair. (Synthetic are different)

13. I think I received the wrong item - what can I do?

Firstly – don’t panic! We look forward to correcting the situation for you! Please contact us with your order number so we can correct the error and have the right product to you as quickly as possible

14. If I’m not happy with my product can I return it?

Yes of course you can, we want the process of buying from Very Glamour Ladies to be as stress-free as possible and that means not having to worry about being stuck with something that doesn’t suit you! We offer all our customers a money back guarantee when purchasing from Very Glamour Ladies Restrictions apply we will provide returns instructions as mentioned in our Terms And Conditions we will not be able to accept  used items for hygiene reasons.

15. Can I dye human hair extensions?

Yes but as with your own hair it is best only to dye it a few shades darker or lighter.  Completely saturate the hair extensions in the hair dye to ensure an even application and leave for the recommended time. We do not recommend using any bleaching agents on the hair as this may cause damage to the extensions and your own hair.  Synthetic extensions are not suitable for dying.

16. We Love your item but where do we leave feedback?

We have a number of ways that you can leave feedback for us, we are on twitter and you can leave feedback on facebook  don’t forget to tell your friends as well!

17. You haven’t answered my question here.

That’s ok, we are here to help so email us and we will gladly answer a questions that you have or give us a call on 0845 459 469 0 our expert team are here to help you.